Tuesday 27 May 2014

Caring Sharing Friends!

Hello at last - I really am late this time and it's not for the lack of show and tell ammunition for there surely are plenty of bits of pieces to share. I think maybe time to myself has been in order off and on over the past few weeks and so I've fallen behind with all aspects of blogging - I've no doubt many of you go through the same sort of times and will understand where I'm coming from!

Even though I have quite a few crafty things to share, I just can't go there until I've let you know about my excitement and gratitude due to a couple of very special blogging friends: first off the lovely Sam  at Betsy Makes: as soon as Sam knew I was about to celebrate my special birthday she started working on a gift for me that has turned out really beautifully - not that I would have expected it to be anything but beautiful for she has such talent and puts it to really good use .. .. .. 

This parcel arrived last week and I couldn't keep it until the 26th, it just begged to be opened .. .. can you resist those surprise packages? Not me!

 Now isn't that wonderful - a beautiful hoop to hang on the wall in my sewing room, with all those handy pockets so I always know where things are and can get to them easily! AND the sweetest little crochet pincushion hanging there too - ideal - how many times do you lose your pins? The fabrics are a gorgeous mix and the workmanship can't be faulted - and look at those sweet little buttons too!

Sam also included a bright coloured tape measure, some lovely tape/ribbon, and the perfect crochet hook for my hand! Magic! And to crown it all she also made me this sweet card which is, by the way, right in line with Sam's latest post. Do pop over and pay her a visit, you certainly won't be disappointed with what you see on her posts! 

Thank you so much Sam - I am thrilled to bits at your kindness, this is a beautifully made gift to treasure, and I will!

Next we go to the also lovely Gilly; recently I was the very fortunate winner of a giveaway that the kind Gilly had arranged and was really hanging out for the package to arrive - and it did - right on my birthday morning to add to the excitement! Take a look at this lovely pattern .. .. .. 

Now isn't that beautifully packaged in its little folder - this is the Kate dress that Gilly has made a couple of times and I was so happy to win this pattern that had been arranged as a giveaway through the 'SewMeSomething' company. But what about the lovely extra gifts that Gilly included - one of those sweet new-style 'show-it-off' zips, some lovely tape/ribbon to use on my handmade items, a fat quarter of that gorgeous London fabric, as well as some Fortnum and Mason tea and a lovely card. 

Thank you so much Gilly, I feel so spoiled and very happy.

Do pop on over and pay Gilly a visit too - that is another very exciting blog filled with all sorts of goodies!

I am not adding much more to this post my friends, other than a few flowers to brighten your day - these are birthday gifts very happily received from family members - but I will be back very soon to share some of my makes that have kept me busy over the past weeks, and a general catch-up on news!

Take care of yourselves and be well and happy!

With my love,

Joy xo