Saturday 14 December 2013

Christmas Gift Swap and More

Hello, hello, are you still there for me my friends? I have been absent without leave for a wee while - been a bit unsettled and out of balance so haven't posted, and only in the past couple of days have I left a few short messages here and there on your lovely blogs. Now that I seem to be getting myself back into synch I'm hoping to gradually catch up with all of you for I've really been missing you and your news and makings!

First of all I really want you to see the lovely gifts I received recently from Leeanne, all the way from South Africa! Leeanne and I were paired up in the Christmas swap so kindly organised by the sweet and lovely Marianne - thank you so much Marianne - and do pop over and have a look at Ladybird Diaries if you are not already familiar with Marianne and her beautiful work and blog!

I would also encourage you to visit Leeanne at her little spot for she crafts lovely little makes, and I admire her even more now that I have her lovely decorations in my possession - and to think that this lovely girl made all of these whilst in the midst of packing up and moving house - I am really thankful  for this huge endeavour with such wonderful results, Leeanne! Thank you m'dear!

Now can you see all the wonderful effort that went into this parcel - even some music to cheer the postie on his/her way. Then the inner parcel containing the lovely card and bow which, coincidentally, is formed from an old map which names places that mean a lot to Hubby and I - stirring up the memories of old haunts - and look at those sweet little stars and pearl buttons which are now strung up in our lounge window. That beautiful origami star in the middle pic is so intricately put together then decorated with gorgeous shiny hearts and the very clever pompoms have lovely blue edging covered with sparkles - adorable! Well done Leeanne, and we will enjoy  these beautiful treasures for years to come!

On my previous post I spoke of how the lovely Meredith inspired me to try my hand at mug cosies and since then I've branched out a bit and experimented with various looks, ideas, and yarns, and have generally been busy making them for gifts, filling orders, and selling, so that has been quite wonderful! Thank you again Meredith - I love you and your blog! 

Do have a little look!

I also have crocheted a few little stars and the like over a period of time and finally put them together; these have been so enjoyable to do and I especially love the first banner with a little variety. What do you think?

One lazy afternoon I came across this little Piggy in a Simply Crochet magazine and couldn't turn the page without first bringing him/her to life  . . . . . I suppose being pink it should be a 'she' . . . .

Just a quick pic of a couple of yachts that were part of the Round the World Race which pulled into Albany (Western Australia) a couple of weeks or so ago before continuing on their journey out into the Southern Ocean - next stop South America. My lovely Hubby took these pics and would have been happy to snap a few more but couldn't get near enough to them. Beautiful beasts aren't they!

I must show you my blushing rose once more - please be patient with me for I am so enamoured with this beauty I can hardly take my eyes off her - just a little bit of cheer if you are suffering nasty cold frosty/snowy weather where you are in our lovely world!

And speaking of our World/Earth: this is where every day we get a fresh start, every baby step makes it easier, and every smile makes you, and those around you, happier!

Keep smiling - be happy - and keep well!

Thank you so much for being here, you're always welcome at my place, and just in case I don't manage to do another post before Christmas - I wish you and your loved ones the most wonderful Festive Season, filled with magic, happy family times, and love, above all else!

Warm hugs and much love,

Joy xoxo