Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Something New Just Grew

I hope you are all well and happy! Thank you for popping in again and I do hope you like what you see here on my little spot. I also thank you all so much for the lovely encouraging messages you've been leaving me - I am so grateful to receive them. Thank you!

The Jan Eaton crochet blocks have become: what - a bundle?

A little blanket of sorts - maybe it would be suited to a little girl or perhaps a handy lap/knee rug for someone - I don't know yet - but I do know it's a finished article.

The pale pink squares were a bit of a handful when it came time to crochet everything together because their side edges were more open than the others: I just couldn't get the stitches as neat and even as I would have liked. But we live and learn and that is something I'll be more aware of in the future.

This little piece measures around 25inches square and really is just a sampler using my first choices from Jan Eaton's book - '200 crochet blocks'.

I have been messing around with effects and wondered - what do you think of it in black and white?

This really impresses upon me just how much I need colour in my life!

And speaking of colour, I ordered online a lovely selection of Stylecraft Special DK from Deramores UK and am now happily anticipating its arrival. It does take a bit longer to come to Australia of course, but as it's now two weeks since the order was dispatched I can start getting excited! I have heard so many good reports about this yarn and even though I've never liked using acrylic yarns, I do believe that this one is very good to work with. The colours come in an amazing range, and the yarn is very economically priced!

So now I will 'fill-in' with a small project - or two - while awaiting the big day: I can hardly wait to open that box of yummy colour!

I have some other interesting things to show you - Australian Paper Barks. In the past the Aborigines would strip the bark from these trees and make lovely artworks with it.  Loads of texture in that dry old bark.

This, to my mind, is a wonderful little spot - just a couple of streets away from where we live - a very peaceful area in which to linger awhile and take in the calming energies.

The trees provide lovely shade where you can relax and 'tune in' to the water gently tumbling down over the boulders. We are very fortunate to have this area so close to home, don't you think?

In another part of our small town, just down the embankment from the plant nursery, is this lovely scene!

Same view really, but pic taken from opposite direction - aren't the azaleas lovely, and the trees offer them protection from the elements.  

So to finish off today, here is a little box of cute and cheeky personalities which I made and gave a while back - all happily settled in their new homes with parents of all ages!

I do hope you are having lots of happy craft times and I wish you all well! 

Joy xx


  1. Your work looks really neat and precise. I am working towards a bit more of that. I am really looking for ways for my work to be less shabby. I will look at this blanket to remind me of my goal. Jo x

  2. Oh Jo, thank you so much for saying so - especially as I was a little disappointed with the 'bringing together' on this piece!
    We all strive to get better and the old adage 'practice makes perfect' is probably a very true saying: having said that I must add that I haven't thought your work to be sloppy in any way!
    thank you so much for your lovely comment! Joy xx

  3. Hello Joy.
    Lovely blanket, I like the size it's perfect for a lap blanket. It's amazingly neat puts my wobbly attempts to shame here!
    I like the black and white effect you've used I'm a fan of black and white photos. I think because you work is so neat and precise it lends its self to black and white well.
    I think everyone should have a spot where they can go and be calm and relaxed your place looks amazing really peaceful.
    Well I suppose he better stop blathering on now....oh just one more thing the box of personalities are great each unique and fab...lucky receivers of these cute things. Right I am going now all the best xx

  4. So lovely to hear from you again FB and thank you so much for your lovely comments - I appreciate them so much; they really gladden my heart!
    I normally like black and white also - it can look very classy I know, but sometimes I am so greedy for colour!!!
    As with Jo, I haven't considered your work to be anything else but lovely and I think we can all be too hard on ourselves!
    I'm looking forward to seeing your completed blanket with its gorgeous colours. Joy xx

  5. Your little blanket is beautiful, so very neat and pretty. I love Stylecraft Special DK and use it a lot in my projects. Some beautiful photos you have shown us there too.
    M x

  6. Thank you so much M, I do appreciate your lovely comments. And thank you too for the encouragement re Stylecraft yarn - I do wish it would arrive - maybe today! Joy x

  7. Oh is just lovely! I can not tell that you had any trouble with it at all....looks great from here! And it's so "square"...I sometimes have trouble joining my squares to look like they lay "flat" and neat. I need to know your secret!
    xx, Shari

  8. Hello again Shari and many many thanks for your uplifting words - they mean so much to me!
    I have to say I struggle at times to square things off - sometimes as well as blocking I will, (afterwards), lay heavy books on them overnight - but not after crocheting together because then one finishes up with flattened seams. I have learned a few things the hard way!
    Anyway, I can't see that you have any cause for complaint regarding your work - everything I've seen is beautiful!
    Joy xx

  9. Well done on finishing - it looks amazing!

    1. Welcome Hazey Bee, and I'm glad you like my little blanket, thank you!
      I'll be looking forward to seeing your finished 'granny' soon; all the best with it! Joy x

  10. I love what you have made, it's very neat and I do like the colours! i wonder if I should get this book too? nice to live near a waterfall, it's supposed to be good for our (negative?!) ions to be near falling water. Anyway good to de-stress by! Have a good weekend, Heather x

  11. Thank you Heather, I'm happy you like it!
    I highly recommend this book - it's full of great ideas and, as well as a section on colour theory and examples of alternative colourways for each of the blocks, really is a very good general reference book.
    The weekend is almost over here and it's been very enjoyable - I hope yours is going well. Joy x